Our Story

After many years of being a vintage enthusiast, thanks to my mum, who introduced me to the fine craftsmanship of vintage clothing, it quickly became a passion. My weekends were spent venturing into markets and charity shops in London, Paris, Dar es Salaam and Casablanca, searching for gems. In 2018, it was finally time to share this passion with the world, and that's how Huru came to be.

Huru is a curation of handpicked, unique & sought-after vintage pieces. Each piece has a story to tell and yours to write. Our aim is for you to express your free spirit through clothes. The word Huru comes from Arabic and Swahili, meaning Freedom. Liberty

As the years passed, designing clothes felt like a natural next step. Inspired by vintage and handmade in Morocco, Ruhu is a collection of eclectic and reminiscent pieces for the fearless individual.

We believe clothes have energy; each piece is designed to make you feel your best. The word Ruhu comes from Arabic, and Swahili means the Soul. Spirit. Essence

At Ruhu we are mindful that we only produce small quantities, and our fabrics are sourced only from industry overstock. We limit fabric wastage by not using print placement; this makes each piece truly one of a kind, and finally, our pieces are shipped in biodegradable packaging. Sustainability is a significant focus at Ruhu Huru, and we continue to work towards it.

Tunu Kibelloh
Founder and Creative Director